Tendinitis calcificada aguda del tendón brevis abductor del pie. (I)

D.S. Melsomb, , , , I.G. Winsona and N. Rooneya

aDepartment of Pathology, Southmead Hospital Bristol, UK bPulvertaft Hand Unit, Derby Royal Infirmary, London Road, Derby DE, UK


A case report of a case of acute calcific tendonitis of the adductor hallucis insertion in a 56-year-old male is presented and the clinical features, treatment and outcome discussed. A review of the literature concerning foot and ankle calcific tendonitis is also presented. The original presentation of this was one of acute pain with local tenderness but minimal radiological support for a diagnosis. Subsequently the appearance of a well defined local swelling prompted further treatment. Though rare in this site, the diagnosis should be considered in patients with persistent pain occurring in the first web space.

Foot and Ankle Surgery. Volume 12, Issue 2 , 2006, Pages 109-111.

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