Tobillo y pie

Ténica para el uso intraoperatorio de la pedografía. (I)

Richter, Martinus; Frink, Michael; Zech, Stefan; Geerling, Jens; Droste, Patrizia; Knobloch, Karsten; Krettek, Christian


Pedography is known to be one of the most efficient methods for biomechanical assessment of the foot. A new device was developed to perform intraoperative pedography (IP). In an earlier validation study, no statistically significant force distribution differences were found between standing subjects with standard pedography and anesthetized subjects in supine position with IP. The main idea was to use the data from an IP to detect nonoptimal biomechanical conditions and to have the opportunity for immediate changes of the correction or reduction in the same procedure. This process may later lead to an improved biomechanical function in the clinical course.

Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery. 5(2):88-100, June 2006.

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