Fijación externa compresiva con clavos transóseos para la artrodesis de tobillo.

Bushnell, Brandon D.; Byram, Ian R.; Dahners, Laurence E.


Arthrodesis is a long-practiced and well-accepted method of treatment for the severely arthritic, painful, or deformed ankle joint. Myriad surgical techniques to accomplish ankle fusion have been described with varying results, and no single method of achieving arthrodesis has proven superior in all situations. However, in the setting of infection, soft tissue compromise, or suboptimal bone, the surgeon should strongly consider an external fixation construct. We describe our technique of compression external fixation with transosseous pins for ankle arthrodesis and several illustrative case examples. Benefits of this particular technique include minimization of pin-site irritation in the anterior compartment of the leg and maintenance of subtalar motion.

Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery. 5(2):74-83, June 2006.

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