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Resonancia magnética en infecciones osteoarticulares en niños. (Inglés)

Imagen de Resonancia Magnética en infecciones osteoarticulares en niños.

Carlos Marin, MDa * [MEDLINE LOOKUP]
Maria L. Sanchez–Alegre, MDa [MEDLINE LOOKUP]
Carmen Gallego, MDb [MEDLINE LOOKUP]
Yolanda Ruiz, MDc [MEDLINE LOOKUP]
Estrella Collado, MDc [MEDLINE LOOKUP]
Jose A. Garcia, MDc [MEDLINE LOOKUP]
Gloria G. Mardones, MDa [MEDLINE LOOKUP]

Servicio de Radiodiagnostico, Hospital Infantil Universitario del Niño Jesus, Madrid, Spain
bServicio de Radiodiagnostico, Hospital Universitario Doce de Octubre, Madrid, Spain
cServicio de Radiodiagnostico, Hospital San Rafael, Madrid, Spain

*Reprint requests: Carlos Marin, MD, Servicio de Radiodiagnostico, Hospital Infantil Universitario de Nino Jesus, Madrid, Spain.; Email:

Copyright © 2004 by Mosby, Inc. doi:10.1016/j.cpradiol.2003.09.003 Abstract TOP

Magnetic resonance imaging has become a common tool for the diagnosis and management of osteoarticular infections in children. We retrospectively review the MRI findings in 57 children (age range 4 months to 16 years; mean 6.3 years) diagnosed with osteoarticular infection. Thirty-eight cases were osteomyelitis, 4 were septic arthritis, 6 were spondylodiscitis, 7 were soft-tissue infections, 2 were pyomyositis, and 2 were chronic multifocal osteomyelitis. The pathogenesis and classification of osteoarticular infections are briefly discussed. Currently available imaging techniques are reviewed, and advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Magnetic resonance imaging indications and findings are shown. The most adequate magnetic resonance imaging sequences, as well as the usefulness of intravenous contrast material, are stressed.

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