Ortopedia pediátrica

Lesiones laterales por compresión en el codo pediátrico (Inglés)

Lateral compression injuries of the elbow typically occur in throwing athletes and gymnasts. In the preadolescent and adolescent patient, these injuries predominantly include Panner's disease and osteochondritis dissecans. Panner's disease, an osteochondrosis of the capitellum, is a rare disorder that usually affects the dominant extremity in individuals younger than age 10 years. Symptomatic management of Panner's disease consisting of reduction of stressful activities of the elbow is usually sufficient to allow resolution. Although a prolonged period is required for healing, most patients demonstrate excellent long-term results. Osteochondritis dissecans of the capitellum typically occurs in adolescents and is associated with loose body formation. Panner's disease and osteochondritis dissecans likely represent a continuum of disordered endochondral ossification with presentation and prognosis dependent primarily on age at onset.

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