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Reparación artroscópica del manguito rotador. (Inglés)

Nichols, Claude E III


Purpose of review: Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair has evolved from a theoretical possibility to reality. The purpose of this review is to highlight the most recent clinical studies of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, illustrate technical aspects of repair of the massive tear, review the results of arthroscopic subscapularis repair, and discuss latest fixation techniques

Recent findings: Results of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair mirror those of open and mini-open techniques. As evaluation of cuff tears, appreciation of the patterns, mobilization techniques, and fixation techniques improve, even the most difficult tears will possibly be amenable to treatment by this technique.

Summary: The medium term follow up of arthroscopic rotator cuff tears suggests that the results mirror those of open and mini-open techniques. The arthroscopic techniques can be used to address massive cuff pathology, subscapularis pathology, as well as supraspinatus injuries. Mobilization techniques have evolved to the point where the experienced arthroscopist can successfully address the spectrum of rotator cuff injuries successfully..

Current Opinion in Orthopedics. 15(4):248-253, August 2004.

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