Repair of Patellar Tendon Rupture Using Suture Anchors


J Knee Surg. 2008;21:122-129 Brandon D. Bushnell; Joshua N. Tennant; James H. Rubright; R. Alexander Creighton. ABSTRACT Acute isolated rupture of the patellar tendon traditionally has been repaired via transpatellar suture tunnels. This retrospective study evaluated the demographics and epidemiology of this injury as well as the effectiveness and complication rates of our suture anchor technique. Between 1993 and 2005, a total of 82 cases of patellar tendon disruption in 71 patients were repaired. Fourteen cases involved basic primary repair with suture anchors of an acute isolated rupture of the patellar tendon and had an average follow-up of 29 months (range: 3-112 months). There were 3 (21%) failures of repair. The remaining 11 patients had excellent range of motion and strength and returned to their preoperative level of function. These results are comparable with other reports in the literature. The suture anchor technique thus represents a viable option for repair of patellar tendon ruptures and should be investigated further with a randomized, controlled trial.

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