Polímeros bioabsorbibles usados en la artoscopia de rodilla, 2ª Parte…(I)

"Polímeros bioabsorbibles usados en la artoscopia de rodilla, 2ª Parte: Resultados clínicos."

Gramenz, Paul BS 1; Siparsky, Patrick N. BS 1; Gall, Kenneth PhD 2; D'Ambrosia, Robert MD 3; Bartz, Reed L. MD 4


The use of bioabsorbable materials in orthopedics has increased in the past 15 years, with technological advances using newer polymers for better fixation. Basic science and clinical research have shown the capacity of bioabsorbable materials to be safely and effectively used in many aspects of sports medicine, including meniscal repair and ligament reconstruction. The review summarizes the clinical outcomes associated with the use of bioabsorbable polymers used for fixation of anterior cruciate ligament grafts and meniscus repairs.

Techniques in Knee Surgery. 5(3):199-204, September 2006.

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