Autoinjerto osteocondral para los defectos grandes en la rodilla. (I)

McCulloch, Patrick C. MD 1; Kang, Richard BS 2; Cole, Brian J. MD, MBA 2


Localized osteochondral and chondral lesions of the knee are commonly encountered in orthopaedic practice. They may become symptomatic with patients experiencing pain, swelling, and mechanical symptoms. These lesions have limited ability to heal and may progress to osteoarthritis. This presents an especially difficult clinical problem in young, high-demand individuals. This has led surgeons to pursue biologic solutions for the restoration of damaged cartilage and underlying bone. We have investigated the use of prolonged fresh osteochondral allografts for the treatment of large defects of the knee. The surgical considerations and techniques are presented in this article.

Techniques in Knee Surgery. 5(3):165-173, September 2006.

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