La técnica de Rebar para la revisión del componente rotular dañado. (Inglés)

Fisher, David A. MD
Orthopaedics Indianapolis, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN

ABSTRACT Revision of a failed patellar implant can be a challenging surgical procedure. The majority of revision total knee procedures can be handled with implant retention or straightforward revision. However, many revisions present significant patellar bone loss. The author has developed a new technique for resurfacing the deficient patella. The rebar technique uses threaded K-wires in a reinforcing configuration to support the pegs of the patellar implant and strengthen the bone-cement interface. The patellar rebar technique allows secure implant fixation in cases of severe patellar bone loss and offers a useful option for revision of the failed patellar component.

Techniques in Knee Surgery: Volume 3(1) March 2004 pp 60-65

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