Artroplastia total primaria de rodilla para la fractura periarticular (inglés)

We present a series of 6 patients with periarticular fractures of the knee that were treated by primary total joint arthroplasty. These fractures around in 6 elderly women, three in the proximal tibia and three in the distal femoral. All the patients had osteoarthritis and osteopenia. In five patients, a hinged total knee arthroplasty was performed, and in one case an unconstrained prosthesis was performed. Cementing techniques were used in all. Postoperatively, immediate mobilization with full weight bearing was initiated. No radiographic or clinical evidence of loosening was seen, and the functional outcome was satisfying. The results suggest that another treatment option for intra-articular distal femoral or intra-articular proximal tibial fractures in elderly patients with severe osteopenia and osteoarthritis is primary total knee arthroplasty. Furthermore, this primary total knee arthroplasty may require some degree of constraint.

Nau T, Pflegerl E, Erhart J, Vecsei V.

University of Vienna Medical School, Trauma Center, Wien, Austria.

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