Recuperación tras fractura de cadera

S.I.M. Umarjia, , , B.J.A. Lankesterb, D. Protheroc and G.C. Bannisterd

aSt Georges Hospital, Blackshaw Road, London SW17 OTQ, United Kingdom bBristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, BS2 8HW, United Kingdom cAvon IM & T Consortium, Kings Square House, Kings Square, Bristol, BS2 8EE, United Kingdom dSouthmead Hospital, Bristol, BS10 5 NB, United Kingdom

Accepted 6 December 2005. Available online 12 June 2006.

The aim was to monitor the inhospital progress of 170 patients sustaining proximal femoral fractures. The extent of delay in discharge was recorded and what effect this prolonged hospitalisation had on nosocomial infection rates.


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