Reconstrucción acetabular utilizando un anillo de extremo reforzado …(Inglés)

«Reconstrucción acetabular utilizando un anillo de extremo reforzado con gancho para la artroplastia total de cadera en displasia de desarrollo de la cadera osteoartrítica. «

Klaus Arno Siebenrock, MD ⁎ [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Moritz Tannast, MD [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Seachin Kim, MD 1 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Walter Morgenstern, MD [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Reinhold Ganz, MD [MEDLINE LOOKUP]


The outcome of 33 total hip arthroplasties using an acetabular reinforcement ring with hook for osteoarthritis associated with developmental dysplasia of the hip was reevaluated after a minimal follow-up of 10 years (average, 10.8 years). Most cases comprised Crowe type II (22 hips) and type III (7 hips) dysplasia. The mean D’Aubigné score increased from 7 to 15 points. Three revisions (9%) were performed for aseptic loosening, 2 of them had a structural autograft. None of the unrevised 30 acetabular reconstructions showed definite radiographic signs of loosening. These results compare favorably with the literature and the acetabular reinforcement ring with hook presents a versatile tool for acetabular bone stock deficiencies.

The Journal of Arthroplasty. June 2005 • Volume 20 • Number 4 .

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