Meniscal Tears and Discoid Meniscus in Children: Diagnosis and Treatment

J Am Acad Orthop Surg, Vol 17, No 11, November 2009,

Dennis E. Kramer, MD and Lyle J. Micheli, MD The incidence of traumatic meniscal tears in children is on the rise, likely because of increased sports participation and more accurate diagnostic modalities. The increased vascularity of the developing meniscus is believed to enable greater healing potential. Meniscal tears in children are often amenable to repair, and excellent clinical results have been reported. Knee size must be considered when determining the optimal method of repair. Discoid menisci represent a spectrum of morphologic abnormalities and instability of the lateral meniscus. Highly unstable variants often present with the classic «snapping knee syndrome,» whereas stable variants may remain asymptomatic until a tear develops. Asymptomatic discoid menisci should be observed, whereas symptomatic discoid menisci are best treated with saucerization and repair. Early to midterm reports on saucerization and repair of discoid lateral meniscus in children are promising.

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