El manejo quirúrgico ambulatorio de extremidades inferiores en niños

El manejo quirúrgico ambulatorio de las extremidades inferiores en niños con parálisis cerebral.

Lori A. Karol, MD

Despite the increasing popularity of nonorthopaedic treatment alternatives for children with cerebral palsy, bony and soft-tissue surgery remains a common component in the management of ambulatory patients. Multisite simultaneous tendon surgery provides improvement in gait by addressing hip, knee, and ankle contractures together. Careful preoperative physical examination is required; computerized gait analysis can be useful in confirming a plan for multiple tendon surgeries. Rotational osteotomies can improve transverse-plane malalignment. Shorter periods of immobilization and aggressive postoperative gait training and strengthening may optimize improvements in gait.

Journal of the American Academy of Ortropaedic Surgeons. Vol. 12. Nº3.

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