Complicaciones médicas del tratamiento quirúrgico de la deformidad espinal…(I)

«Complicaciones médicas del tratamiento quirúrgico de la deformidad espinal del adulto y cómo evitarlos. Manejo pre y postoperatorio.»

Baron, Eli M. MD *; Albert, Todd J. MD +


Study Design. Review article of medical complications related to adult spinal deformity surgery.

Objective. To identify medical complications related to surgery for adult spinal deformity and suggest ways to minimize their occurrence and to avoid them.

Summary of Background Data. Medical complications are a major consideration in adult spinal deformity surgery. Few studies have been done to identify the medical complication rate in relation to these procedures.

Methods. We review the literature pertaining to medical complications regarding spinal deformity surgery.

Results. Urinary tract infections are the most frequently seen complication. Additionally, pulmonary complications are the most common life-threatening complication. Medical complications are a frequent occurrence with adult deformity spinal surgery.

Conclusions. Awareness of the presentation, treatment, and prevention of medical complications of deformity surgery may allow minimization of their occurrence and optimize treatment should they occur.

Spine. 31(19S) Suppl:S106-S118, September 1, 2006.

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