Bloqueo nervioso en la cirugía de pié y tobillo. (Inglés)

V. Dhukaram , and C. Senthil Kumar

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, UK


A prospective study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of nerve blocks for postoperative pain relief following foot and ankle surgery. The study included all patients who underwent foot and ankle surgery over a period of three months. Sciatic/popliteal nerve blocks were administered for hindfoot surgery and ankle blocks for forefoot surgery. Postoperative pain was assessed using visual analog scales and a record was kept of analgesic requirements. Ninety three percent of the patients were satisfied with the pain control and recorded low pain scores and sixty percent of these patients had good pain relief at an average of eighteen hours, without the need for any additional analgesics.

Food and Ankle Surgery. Volume 10, issue 1, 2004. Pages 1-3.

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