Mano y muñeca

Usos y abusos de la artroscopia de muñeca. (Inglés)

Monaghan, Bruce A


Purpose of review:
The use of wrist arthroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of carpal pathology continues to expand. The purpose of this paper is to summarize recent advances in the utility of this diagnostic, therapeutic, and research tool.

Recent findings:
The indications for wrist arthroscopy are growing with the description of volar portals for the radiocarpal and scaphotrapezial trapezoid joint. Arthroscopic assistance in the treatment of distal radius and scaphoid fractures is also becoming more feasible. Arthroscopic excision of dorsal carpal ganglions has met with considerable success. In addition, the application of electrothermal collagen shrinkage is an exciting new frontier in arthroscopic wrist procedures.

Wrist arthroscopy has evolved to be an essential diagnostic and therapeutic tool in the armamentarium of every surgeon treating disorders of the wrist.

Current Opinion in Orthopedics. 15(4):234-238, August 2004.

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