Tobillo y pie

Un caso excepcional de combinación de lesiones entorno al maleolo lateral. (I)

Rajiv Kulshreshtha, Sabina Kadri and Daniel T. Rajan,

Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics, King's College Hospital, London SE5 9RS, UK


The combination of superior peroneal retinaculum injury with tear of the anterior talofibular ligament is rare. Literature describes several operative techniques for relocating symptomatic dislocated peroneal tendons, but only one involving the accessory peroneal muscle, peroneus quartus. This muscle occurs in as many as 21.7% of the population and can cause further aggravation of the symptoms caused by the dislocated peroneal tendons. Here we present a case report of a patient with a combination of dislocated peroneal tendons and a tear of the anterior talofibular ligament. We also describe the novel procedure by which this problem was treated—a treatment that made use of the accessory peroneus quartus muscle.

The Foot. Volume 16, Issue 1 , March 2006, Pages 51-53.

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