Tumores malignos de pelvis: Un estudio de resultados. (Inglés)

Mankin, Henry J MD; Hornicek, Francis J MD, PhD; Temple, H Thomas MD; Gebhardt, Mark C MD


This is a report of outcomes after a review of the demographic, diagnostic, therapeutic, and survival data for patients with pelvic primary and secondary tumors treated during the past 28 years. Using a computerized system it has been possible to assess the results for 206 patients with bone and soft tissue sarcomas and metastatic carcinomas to define the variation in outcome and the factors which statistically show an effect on survival. The data were compared with data for other anatomic sites. Based on our study, it is apparent that the outcome for all the tumors was approximately 50% survival with only soft tissue sarcomas having a poorer result. There were only minimal to moderate differences in outcome on the basis of gender, age, type of surgery, or adjunctive therapy. Patients who had intralesional surgery did less well as did patients with higher Musculoskeletal Tumor Society stages. Comparing the results for these patients with results for patients with the same stage and diagnosis but with tumors located in other sites showed significant differences. Results for patients with pelvic allograft compared with results of patients who had femoral allografts for the same diagnoses showed a poorer outcome for the patients who had pelvic allografts. Several possible explanations are provided for these variations in results.

Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research. 1(425):212-217, August 2004.

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