Tratamiento quirúrgico de la lesión de ligamento cruzado anterior. (Inglés)

Tratamiento quirúrgico de la lesión de ligamento cruzado anterior en adolescentes utilizando doble hélice semitendinosa y tendón grácil: Fijación supraepifisaria femoral y tibial.

Piero Volpi, M.D.* a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Marco Galli, M.D.a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Corrado Bait, M.D.a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Roberto Pozzoni, M.D.a [MEDLINE LOOKUP]


Surgical treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in adolescents continues to be controversial even though the advocates of surgical treatment are growing relative to those who prefer conservative treatment. Those using surgical techniques must respect the epiphysary cartilages and try to reproduce the same results that are achieved in adults. We report on a technique analogous to that applied to adults, using doubled hamstring tendons that are fixed with 2 transverse femoral and tibial bioabsorbable cross pins without interfering with the growth cartilage.

The Journal of arthroscopic. April 2004. Volume 20. Number 4.

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