The Use of Locking Plates in Orthopedic Oncology Reconstructions


Walter W. Virkus, Benjamin J. Miller, Ping C. Chye, Steven Gitelis, ORTHOPEDICS 2008; 31:438 Abstract Locking-plate systems are believed to provide better purchase in poor quality bone and equivalent purchase with fewer screws, and also to limit screw pullout by functioning as fixed-angle devices. This retrospective study examined 25 oncologic reconstructions involving locking plates. There were 8 cases of open reduction and internal fixation for pathologic fracture or nonunion and 17 limb-salvage reconstructions. Mean follow-up was 18.2 months with 92% of constructs intact (there were 2 implant-related failures). Locking plates offer advantages that can be useful in orthopedic oncology reconstructions. The long-term performance and mechanisms of failure of these implants remains to be defined.

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