Terapia con toxina botulínica en traumatología. (Alemán)

Doderlein L.

Stiftung orthopadische Universitatsklinik Heidelberg, .

Botulinum toxin A plays an important role in the conservative management of problems of the musculoskeletal system. The main indications for its use are disorders of muscle tone and spasticity of various origins, which makes botulinum toxin an important focal treatment in many neurological conditions. Nevertheless, every orthopaedic surgeon who is involved in the conservative management of muscular problems should be familiar with the indications as well as the pharmacology of the substance and its proper injection techniques. By a combination of botulinum toxin injections with a variety of other conservative measures, such as orthotics and plaster cast treatment, its effect can be enhanced and prolonged. Due to the reversibility of its action, exact dose adjustment to the individual is possible.

Orthopade. 2005 Dec 7.

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