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Técnica del alambre insertado para la rotura subcutánea del Tendón de Aquiles.

"Técnica del alambre insertado para la rotura subcutánea del Tendón de Aquiles."

Takahashi, Yoshimasa MD; Kawano, Kimiaki MD; Tanaka, Hiromichi MD


For the treatment of freshly ruptured Achilles tendon, we devised a stay wire technique that temporarily placed a 0.55-mm soft wire alongside the repaired part of the tendon. This provided reinforcement and better protection for the sutured area, and in consequence allowed early joint mobilization. Ten men and 10 women, ranging from 31 to 64 years of age (43.1 years old being the average), underwent this treatment. After the operation, a short leg cast was applied for 2 days. Ankle joint motion exercise was started on the third day. Weight bearing walking was permitted with half body weight load from the second week, two-thirds of body weight from the third week, and no limit from the fourth week. The wire was removed 4 weeks after the operation. Follow-up observation was continued for 8 to 64 weeks, with 34.8 weeks being the average period of time. In all cases, by the eighth week, the range of motion of the operated ankle recovered to nearly that of the uninjured side. After 6 months, all patients could return to the preinjury level of activities. We experienced no serious complications such as rerupture or deep infection.

Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery. 3(4):221-225, December 2004.

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