Tobillo y pie

Síntomas asociados con el tiempo después de las lesiones de tobillo.(I)

"Síntomas asociados con el tiempo después de las lesiones de tobillo. ¿Mito o realidad?"

G. Chamia, b, , , E. Mouldera, c and A. Mohsena aDepartment of Orthopaedics, Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust, Hull HU3 2JZ, United Kingdom bDepartment of Computer Science, Hull University, United Kingdom cYorkshire Deanery Rotation, United Kingdom


Weather associated symptoms are commonly described by patients seeking compensation following ankle injury.

Multiple search strategies were used to search the literature for any scientific evidence of this phenomena.

There is currently little information in the literature referring to the occurrence of weather related symptoms following ankle injuries. Reports referring to the phenomena provide low quality evidence and discuss only post operative patients.

The Foot. Volume 16, Issue 3 , September 2006, Pages 165-168.

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