Traumatología deportiva

Rotura simultánea bilateral del tendón del cuádriceps en tenista aficionado…

Katz, Tiberin MD *; Alkalay, Daphna MD *; Rath, Ehud MD *; Atar, Dan MD *; Sukenik, Shaul MD + Abstract: Bilateral simultaneous quadriceps tendon rupture is a relatively rare injury, requiring prompt diagnosis and surgical repair. It is more common in patients older than 50 years and is usually associated with underlying metabolic or inflammatory diseases. Its occurrence is very rare in healthy individuals. We report a case of bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture in a healthy young adult that occurred while he was playing tennis. This patient presented with acute knee swellings, total inability to extend the legs, and a palpable gap above the patella.

JCR: Journal of Clinical Rheumatology. 12(1):32-33, February 2006.

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