Riesgos y beneficios de la actividad física en la personas con hemofilia. (Inglé

"Riesgos y beneficios de los deportes y actividad física en la personas con hemofilia."

K. Mulder*, F. Cassis, D. R. A. Seuser, P. Narayan§, R. Dalzell¶, W. Poulsen¶

Physical activity is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and physical activity have been shown to help maintain a healthy body weight, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and feelings of wellbeing, control blood pressure, and prevent heart disease and diabetes. Children with haemophilia may feel restricted from competing in sports through parental concern or pain and difficulty in moving, or they may rebel against such restrictions, thus leaving themselves open to serious injury. Several groups have attempted to classify sports activities with regard to the level of risk involved; however, these are not consistent. It is important to match the child's abilities with the sport in which they want to take part, and suggest alternatives if this is not possible. Prevention of injury should not depend solely on use of factor concentrates.

Haemophilia Volume 10 Issue s4 Page 161 - October 2004.

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