Revisón asistida con artroscopia de las barras telecópicas en la osteogénesis…

"Revisión asistida con artroscopia de las barras telescópicas en la osteogénesis imperfecta."

Christopher A. Radkowski, M.D. a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Robert D. Fitch, M.D. a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] William T. Hardaker Jr., M.D. a * [MEDLINE LOOKUP]

Abstract TOP Abstract Bailey-Dubow extensible nails are intramedullary stabilization devices designed to prevent deformities and recurrent long bone fractures in patients with osteogenesis imperfecta. The rods consist of a hollow outer sleeve and a solid inner obturator, allowing for telescoping of the rods and expansion of the device with longitudinal growth of the bone. Migration of the nail into the joint is a known complication of this procedure, which can lead to pain and loss of motion. This is a case report of the use of an arthroscopic approach to manipulate femoral and tibial Bailey-Dubow rods that migrated into the knee joint.

The Journal of Arthroscopic and related surgery. January 2005 • Volume 21 • Number 1

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