Resultados de la reparación completa del menisco interior …(Inglés)

"Resultados de la reparación completa del menisco interior con el sistema de reparación del menisco de fijación rápida."

Kotsovolos ES, Hantes ME, Mastrokalos DS, Lorbach O, Paessler HH.

Center for Knee, Foot Surgery and Sports Trauma, ATOS Clinic, Heidelberg, Germany.

PURPOSE: The goal of this prospective study was to evaluate the results of arthroscopic meniscal repair using the FasT-Fix repair system.

TYPE OF STUDY: Prospective case series.

METHODS: Sixty-one meniscal repairs with the FasT-Fix meniscal repair system in 58 patients with a mean age of 32.6 years were performed between 2001 and 2002. Concurrent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction was performed in 36 patients (62%). All tears were longitudinal and located in the red/red or red/white zone. Criteria for clinical success included absence of joint-line tenderness, locking, swelling, and a negative McMurray test. Clinical evaluation also included the Tegner and Lysholm knee scores, and KT-1000 arthrometry. In addition, all patients were evaluated preoperatively with magnetic resonance imaging.

RESULTS: The average follow-up was 18 months (range, 14 to 28 months). Six of 61 repaired menisci (9.8%) were considered failures according to our criteria. Therefore, the success rate was 90.2%. Time required for meniscal repair averaged 11 minutes. Postoperatively, the majority of the patients had no restrictions in sports activities. The mean Lysholm significantly improved from 43.6 preoperatively to 87.5 postoperatively (P < .001). Fifty-one patients (88%) had an excellent or good result according to the Lysholm knee score. Four patients had a restriction of knee joint motion postoperatively, and an arthroscopic arthrolysis was performed in 1 of them. Analysis showed that age, length of tear, simultaneous anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, chronicity of injury, and location of tear did not affect the clinical outcome.

CONCLUSIONS: Our results show that arthroscopic meniscal repair with the FasT-Fix repair system provided a high rate of meniscus healing and appeared to be safe and effective in this group of patients. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Level IV, therapeutic study, case series (no control group).

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