Cadera y pelvis

Resección marginal en cuña para la osteomilitis crónica de hueso ilíaco.(Inglés)

Six patients with chronic osteomyelitis of the iliac bone were treated with marginal resection of the infected segment. All patients were healthy active males without predisposing factors. Their age ranged between 14 and 38 years. All patients had recurrent drainage of abscesses for 2-9 years. In three patients, the infection followed a gunshot injury, in two the infection was haematogenous in origin, and in one the infection followed a surgical bone graft procedure. The outcome was successful for all patients, who have been followed regularly for 2-10 years.

Muhdi MM, Hamdam TA. Basrah Medical College, P.O. Box 42002 99, Basrah, Iraq.

Int Orthop. 2003; 27(4): 254-6. Epub 2003 Apr 05

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