Reparación artroscópica de menisco en la rodilla de la deficiencia ACL. (Inglés)

Steenbrugge F, Van Nieuwenhuyse W, Verdonk R, Verstraete K.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, ASZ Campus Aalst, Merestraat 80, 9300, Aalst, Belgium,

Between 1985 and 1995, 45 patients underwent closed meniscus repair. There were 30 men and 15 women with a mean age of 32.5 years. In 23 patients, the anterior cruciate ligament was intact (group 1) whereas it was deficient in 22 patients (group 2). All patients were managed with the same postoperative program of partial weight bearing, immediate motion and rehabilitation of the knee. Five patients had a failed meniscal repair and underwent a repeat arthroscopy and a partial meniscectomy. These patients were considered as failures and excluded from the final scoring. After a mean follow-up of more than 9 years, all patients were subjected to a clinical examination using the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) knee rating system. Seven patients in group 2 had episodes of frequent giving way and had their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructed 6 and 7 years after the initial meniscus repair. None of the other patients had any clinical symptoms or signs of a meniscal tear. In group 1, 20 patients and in group 2, 14 patients, all had a satisfactory knee score. Even though the failure rate of meniscus repair may be greater in an unstable knee, it is concluded that meniscal repair is not contraindicated in a knee with a deficient ACL. Reparación artroscópica de menisco en la rodilla de la deficiencia ACL.

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