Cadera y pelvis

Reaparición de la artroplastia de cadera. (Alemán)

Knecht A, Witzleb WC, Gunther KP.

Klinik fur Orthopadie, Universitatsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus der TU Dresden, .

Currently, an increase in resurfacing arthroplasty in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis-especially in young adults-can be observed. New bearing technologies (mainly metal-on-metal surfaces) show better tribologic results than historical designs (e.g. the Wagner cup).At present, it is unclear whether these modifications and a definitively low dislocation rate-due to the large head diameter-can be supported by further good clinical results. The quantity as well as the quality of the available investigations prevents a definite opinion at the moment. Appropriate clinical studies with documented radiographic follow-up are necessary to compare the outcome of these new implants with standard techniques.

Orthopade. 2005 Jan;34(1):79-90.

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