Quistes articulares próximos al ganglio tibiofibular. (Inglés)

Quistes articulares próximos al ganglio tibiofibular.
Escisión, reaparición y artrodesis articular.

Shana Miskovsky, MD, Christopher Kaeding, MD and Lawrence Weis, MD
From the Ohio State University Medical Center, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Columbus, Ohio

Objective: Proximal tibiofibular joint proximal tibiofibular joint cysts are rare entities that can cause disability. Excision remains the traditional surgical treatment. Cyst recurrence has been a problem. This study reviews one of the largest series of patients with proximal tibiofibular joint cysts and evaluates the role of a new surgical option, proximal tibiofibular joint fusion.

Methods: Thirteen patients were admitted to the institution between 1987 and 1999. Diagnoses were confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging and histological examination. A database was compiled after medical record review. Patients completed a phone survey describing activity levels, symptom severity, recurrence history, and additional surgery. Average postoperative follow-up and average time to date of survey were 1.7 and 6.3 years, respectively.

Results: Patient complaints included lateral knee "fullness" (75%) and peroneal nerve dysesthesias (54%). Twelve patients opted for surgery: cyst excision (8) and cyst excision with proximal tibiofibular joint fusion (4). A recurrence rate of 13% (1 of 8) following primary excision was observed. A 100% (3 of 3) repeat recurrence rate was noted in second resections. Four patients underwent proximal tibiofibular joint fusion: 2 with a recurrence history and 2 for primary treatment. At follow-up, all fusion patients were without cyst recurrence or activity limitations. Procedure morbidity was minimal.

Conclusions: Proximal tibiofibular joint cysts can recur after simple excision. Repeat resection after a recurrence is often not effective. Proximal tibiofibular joint arthrodesis appears to be a more effective surgical option after a recurrence.

The American Journal of Sports Medicine 32:1022-1028 (2004)

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