Hombro y codo

Procedimiento último para la inestabilidad persistente de hombro. (Inglés)

Pearsall, Albert W IV MD; Jarrett, Christopher A MD


We present the case of a patient with symptomatic refractory multidirectional shoulder instability who was treated with staged bilateral anterior and posterior glenoid bone augmentation after previous failed arthroscopic and open procedures. The patient was pain free postoperatively and has not had symptoms of instability in either shoulder. At her most recent followup, 24 months after surgery, she had nearly full symmetric shoulder range of motion without anterior or posterior apprehension signs. Her Constant-Murley scores were 77 and 79 on the right and left, respectively, with UCLA scores of 29 on the right and the left shoulders. Her Short Form-36 overall score was 105, indicating overall satisfaction. Currently, the patient states that she can do all daily activities without restrictions. In carefully selected patients, the use of anterior and posterior glenoid bone augmentation may be effective as a salvage procedure in rare cases of refractory multidirectional shoulder instability.

Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research. (431):245-249, February 2005.

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