Cadera y pelvis

Osteotomía trocantérica para dislocación encarcelada de cadera. (Inglés)

Osteotomía trocantérica para dislocación encarcelada de cadera debido a la interposición posterior de la pared fragmentada.

Anglen JO, Hughes M.
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics, Columbia, MO, USA.

A series of 12 patients was retrospectively reviewed to evaluate the use of sliding trochanteric osteotomy for reduction of hip dislocations that were irreducible due to interposed posterior wall fragments. Compared to similar patients who did not have irreducible dislocation or trochanteric osteotomy, the 12 patients had significantly longer operations with more blood loss. Patients with osteotomy tended toward a higher incidence of posttraumatic arthritis, but Harris hip scores at 2 years were identical to matched comparisons. No adverse effects of trochanteric osteotomy were identified.

Orthopedics. 2004 Feb;27(2):213-6.

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