Nueva técnica artroscópica para la revisión en artroplastia total de rodilla…

"Nueva técnica artroscópica para la revisión del compartimento posterior en la artroplastia total de rodilla sintomática."

Franz Landsiedl, M.D. * [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Nicolas Aigner, M.D. [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Michael Hexel, M.D. [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Christian Krasny, M.D. [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Siegfried Schenk, M.D. [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Gunter Steinböck, M.D. [MEDLINE LOOKUP]


Arthroscopy is effective in treating the symptomatic knee following total knee arthroplasty. A small number of patients complain about postoperative pain in the posterior compartment. Loose bodies and degenerated remnants of the menisci are the main reasons for this pain. We present a new technique for diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy of the posterior compartments in patients with symptomatic total knee arthroplasty. After standard anterior arthroscopy, a wide circular notchplasty is performed to allow easy access to the posterior lateral compartment of the knee joint and to apply a posterolateral working portal under direct arthroscopic control. If inspection of the posteromedial compartment is necessary, the loose tissue behind the posterior cruciate ligament is resected to gain access to the posteromedial compartment.

The Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery. April 2005 • Volume 21 • Number 4.

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