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Neuroma interdigital tratado con extirpación. (Inglés)

Neuroma interdigital: Examen clínico y resultados histopatológicos en 63 casos tratados con extirpación.

Giannini S, Bacchini P, Ceccarelli F, Vannini F.
University of Bologna, Instituti Ortopedici Rizzoli, Via G.C. Pupilli, 1, Bologna 40136, Italy.

Between November 1993 and September 1999, 60 patients (three bilateral) were consecutively treated with excision of interdigital neuroma. The clinical examination was preoperatively performed and a personal interview, physical examination, and routine radiographs were included. A specific clinical rating system was developed. The clinical results were excellent or good in 49 (78%) feet, fair in 12 (19%), and poor in two (3%). Prior to surgery, the clinical evaluation score was an average of 16 points. Postoperative average score was 67 points, with an average improvement of 50 points. Histopathologically, intraneural fibrosis and sclerohyalinosis were observed, as in the interstitium; furthermore, an increase of the elastic fibers in the stroma was also observed. The precise etiology of interdigital neuroma remains obscure.

Foot Ankle Int. 2004 Feb;25(2):79-84.

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