Múltiples complicaciones excepcionales después de tenosinovitis sarcoidea…(In)

"Múltiples complicaciones excepcionales después de tenosinovitis sarcoidea crónica extensiva de mano: Un informe del caso."

Howard T. Wang, MD [MEDLINE LOOKUP] T.M. Sunil, MD [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Harold E. Kleinert, MD * [MEDLINE LOOKUP]

Sarcoidosis is an idiopathic disease characterized by multiple noncaseating granulomatous nodules. Involvement of the hand is extremely uncommon and tenosynovitis of the hand is rare. We present a patient who developed sarcoid tenosynovitis of multiple digits involving both the flexor and extensor tendons. He also developed flexor tendon rupture, subchondral bone erosions, and multiple joint subluxations.

The Journal of Hand Surgery. May 2005 • Volume 30 • Number 3.

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