Cadera y pelvis

Movimiento pélvico intraoperatorio en la artroplatia total de cadera.(Inglés)

Isao Asayama, MD * * [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Yuichiro Akiyoshi, MD * [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Masatoshi Naito, MD * [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Masamitsu Ezoe, MD * [MEDLINE LOOKUP]


In total hip arthroplasty (THA) in which the posterolateral approach is used, the pelvis can be easily inclined to roll both backward or forward on the operating table during the procedure. We prospectively studied 30 posterolateral-approach primary THA cases in which the surgeon used a specially devised goniometer that measured motions of the pelvis in the horizontal, frontal, and sagittal planes. We found that the pelvis primarily tilted forward during surgery, averaging 14.57° of anterior tilt in the horizontal plane. The pelvic motion primarily occurred while the Hohman retractor was being applied to the femur to expose the acetabulum. Assessment of pelvic motion during surgery is an important component for successful positioning and placement of the acetabular cup with the posterolateral-approach THA.

The Journal of Arthroplaty. December 2004 • Volume 19 • Number 8.

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