Cadera y pelvis

Mortalidad en tratamiento quirúrigico de fracturas de cadera no desplazadas.(In)

"Mortalidad posterior a la cirugía para las fracturas de cadera intracapsulares no desplazadas."

M. Sikand, R. Wenn and C. G. Moran,

Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Queen’s Medical Centre, University Hospital, Nottingham NG 7 2UH, UK


The aim of the study was to evaluate the mortality following the operative treatment of undisplaced subcapital fracture of the hip by internal fixation (with three lag screws) or hemiarthroplasty.

A prospective audit of all patients admitted with hip fracture was undertaken at the university hospital in Nottingham. An independent research assistant collected data on a standardised questionnaire. Mortality was calculated from data received from National office of Statistics allowing 100% 1-year follow up for mortality statistics.

One hundred and sixty patients were admitted with undisplaced intracapsular fracture of the hip. Twenty-one patients had non-operative management and were excluded from the results. One hundred and thirty-nine patients had surgical treatment. Mean age of patients was 78 years. Twenty-nine patients had hemiarthroplasty and 110 patients underwent internal fixation of their fractures. There was no significant difference between the two groups for age, sex, mobility, residential status, co-morbidity and cognitive state. There was a significant difference in mortality between the two operated groups at 1 month and 1 year after the operation. Six patients (21%) died after hemiarthroplasty in the first month while there were only two (2%) deaths in the internal fixation group (P<0.001). At 1 year from operation, 11 patients (38%) from the hemiarthroplasty group and 17 patients (16%) from the internal fixation group died (P=0.0072). The re-operation rate within 1 year was higher for the internal fixation group (n=8;7.2%) than the hemiarthroplasty group (n=1;3%).

There is significant increase in mortality when undisplaced intracapsular hip fractures are treated by hemiarthroplasty as compared to internal fixation and we would not recommend it for these fractures.

Injury. Volume 35. Issue 10. October 2004, Pages 1015-1019

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