Traumatología deportiva

Management of Common Sports-related Injuries About the Foot and Ankle

J Am Acad Orthop Surg, Vol 18, No 9, September 2010

Robert B. Anderson, MD, Kenneth J. Hunt, MD and Jeremy J. McCormick, MD Foot and ankle injuries are commonplace in competitive sports. Improvements in injury surveillance programs and injury reporting have enabled physicians to better recognize and manage specific foot and ankle injuries, with a primary goal of efficient and safe return to play. Athletes are becoming stronger, faster, and better conditioned, and higher-energy injuries are becoming increasingly common. Close attention is required during examination to accurately identify such injuries as turf toe, ankle injuries, tarsometatarsal (ie, Lisfranc) injuries, and stress fractures. Early diagnosis and management of these injuries are critical. Ultimately, however, pressure to return to play must not compromise appropriate care and long-term outcomes.

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