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Lesiones osteocondrales de talón. (Inglés)

Aaron K. Schachter, MD, Andrew L. Chen, MD, MS, Ponnavolu D. Reddy, MD, and Nirmal C. Tejwani, MD

Osteochondral lesions of the talus occur infrequently and usually represent late sequelae of ankle trauma. Because of the functional significance of the talus and its limited capacity for repair, correct early diagnosis is important. Osteochondral fractures should be suspected in patients with chronic ankle pain, especially those with a prior ankle injury. Historically, plain radiographs have been used to stage lesions; more recently, magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopy have been used. Nonsurgical management remains the mainstay of treatment of acute, nondisplaced osteochondral lesions. Surgical management is reserved for unstable fragments or failure of nonsurgical treatment. Recent advances in osteochondral grafting have allowed reconstruction of the talar dome, leading to more predictable relief of pain and improvement of function.

Journal of America Academy of Orthopaedic Surgerons. May/June 2005 Article Abstracts.

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