Tobillo y pie

Lesiones del pié medio. (Inglés)

Nilesh K. Makwanaa, , and Marck R. van Lieflandb,

aWrexham Maelor Hospital, Croesnewydd Road, Wrexham, LL13 7TD, UK bNutkin, Church Lane, Selattyn, SY10 7DN, Shropshire, UK

Injuries of the midfoot are relatively rare but they can lead to significant morbidity if missed. Serious injuries may present in a subtle manner and are often misdiagnosed as a sprain. Small avulsion fractures of the navicular and cuboid may be misdiagnosed as a simple avulsion when in fact they represent a more severe midfoot injury. A high index of suspicion is required. Good quality X-rays with three views must be obtained and if suspicion exists further imaging with a bone scan, CT or MRI is necessary. Prompt diagnosis and early treatment will prevent long-term disability and morbidity. Salvage procedures following these injuries often involve arthrodesis that limit mobility and frequently lead to an unsatisfactory outcome.

Current Orthopaedics. Volume 19, Issue 3 , June 2005, Pages 231-242.

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