Lanzamiento del electrodo Lo Pro LSD en cirujía artroscópica. (Inglés)

De Puy Mitek, Inc. Lanzamiento del electrodo LoPro LSD para la eliminación de tejido en la cirugía artroscópica.

The VAPR™ 3 LDS Electrode demonstrates 23 percent greater tissue removal rate compared to market leader

Norwood, MA (March 10, 2004) – DePuy Mitek, Inc., a leading manufacturer of surgical sports medicine devices, announced today the launch of the VAPR™ 3 LoPro Large Diameter Suction (LDS) Electrode. In testing, the LDS Electrode demonstrated 23 percent greater tissue removal rate than currently available in the market.*

Now, based on treatment needs from sports medicine surgeons, DePuy Mitek, Inc., is offering a low profile version, the LoPro LDS Electrode. The VAPR™ 3 Radiofrequency (RF) System and the LoPro LDS Electrode offer rapid, safe and efficient tissue cutting, ablation and hemostasis during arthroscopic surgery. The LoPro LDS Electrode offers all the advantages of the standard LDS Electrode, and its low-profile design enables the use of a 5.5 mm cannula or larger. This electrode was designed to meet the needs of orthopaedic surgeons for high performance tissue removal in tight spaces. The LDS Electrodes are manufactured with a high thermal threshold plastic, optimizing product design. Unveiling the LoPro LDS Electrode is additional proof that DePuy Mitek, Inc., is leading the way to make minimally invasive procedures easier for the orthopaedic surgeon community.

"DePuy Mitek, Inc., has raised the standard for RF tissue removal with the introduction of their VAPR™ 3 system and the LDS electrodes. The performance of the LoPro LDS Electrode is excellent," said Dr. David Altchek of the Hospital for Special Surgery, New York.

In 2003, DePuy Mitek, Inc., launched the VAPR™ 3 System, the next generation in the VAPR™ RF Family. In addition to new safety and control features, the VAPR™ 3 RF System improves upon its predecessors with the addition of the more efficient LDS and now LoPro LDS Electrodes. When compared to another market leading suction electrode, the LDS Electrode demonstrated a 23 percent greater tissue removal rate.*

The VAPR™ 3 RF System can be used to: simultaneously remove soft tissue and control bleeding; precisely cut and contour soft tissue such as ligament and meniscus; and thermally modify soft tissue. It can be used for arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, knee, wrist, elbow or ankle.

The VAPR™ 3 RF System is contraindicated in any non-arthroscopic surgical procedure and in patients with heart pacemakers or other electronic device implants, or for patients for whom arthroscopic procedures are contraindicated for any reason. Use of the system is also contraindicated in any arthroscopic procedure where saline or Ringer's Lactate is not used as an irrigant.

About DePuy Mitek, Inc.

DePuy Mitek, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, is a leading developer and manufacturer of surgical sports medicine and soft tissue repair devices. The company's product lines offer a vast array of surgical solutions to assist in addressing the challenges of soft tissue repair in the shoulder and knee. DePuy Mitek, Inc.'s, suture-anchoring implants are recognized worldwide as the gold standard for tissue repair in a wide range of clinical indications. By providing materials, instruments and techniques, DePuy Mitek, Inc., drives results for its customers. DePuy Mitek, Inc., is now part of the DePuy, Inc., franchise, which includes DePuy Orthopaedics and DePuy Spine.

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