Traumatología deportiva

La reparación laparoscópica de la hernia de deportista. (Inglés)

La reparación laparoscópica de la hernia de deportista en jugadores de fútbol, como tratamiento del dolor inguinal crónico

Sergio SusmallianABEF , Tiberiu EzriACD, Marina ElisBFG, Robert WartersEG, Ilan CharuziABC, Michael Muggia-SullamE


Background: To evaluate the clinical course of soccer players affected by chronic groin pain, who were referred for laparoscopic inguinal exploration.

Material/Methods: Thirty-five professional soccer players affected by chronic groin pain and referred for laparoscopic inguinal exploration were included in this prospective, non-randomized study. Prior to surgery, patients were assessed by history, clinical examination, pelvic X-ray, bone scanning with Technetium and ultrasound of the inguinal region. The pre-peritoneal space was visualized with a laparoscope under general anesthesia. A bilateral polypropylene mesh was attached pre-peritoneally. Recorded data included demographics, history, symptoms, surgical findings and postoperative recovery.

Results: All patients were male. The mean age was 24.3 years. Six patients (17.1%) complained of pain affecting their normal life. A true indirect type I hernia was identified in 4 patients (11.4%). In 28 patients (80%), a wide internal ring and peritoneal dimple were found during the procedure. No clear pathology was found in three patients (8.6%). Thirty-four patients (97.1%) returned to their normal activities after surgery.

Conclusions: Laparoscopic inguinal exploration and repair of ‘sportsmen’s hernias’ in soccer players was associated with rapid recovery and fast return to full training and activity.

Med Sci Monit, 2004; 10(2): CR52-54

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