Cadera y pelvis

La actividad física de correr y la artritis degenerativa de cadera. (Alemán)

El deporte atlético asociado a la artristis progresiva de cadera. Una revisión sistemática

Walther M, Kirschner S.
Lehrstuhl fur Orthopadie der Universitat Wurzburg.

AIM: The study was performed to investigated correlations between running and degenerative arthritis of the hip, according to the principles of evidence-based medicine.

METHOD: The database Medline, the Cochrane Library, the centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford and the sports science database Spolit, Spofor and Spowis were scanned systematically for the keywords "arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative, hip, sports, running, jogging, walking".

RESULTS: 10 retrospective case control studies and 3 prospective studies were included for further analysis. The clinical examinations reported in the prospective studies did not reveal a significant difference between runners and non-runners. In one study a slightly increased risk for signs of arthritis at the X-ray was found in runners below 50 years with a very high mileage. No increased risk for degenerative arthritis was reported in most of the retrospective studies. A few authors of retrospective studies reported a slightly to moderately increased risk. The pooled estimate of the included studies showed a slightly increased risk for degenerative arthritis in runners (pooled OR 1.24 95 % CI 0.87-1.85). However, the increased risk did not reach a level of statistical significance. The graphic analysis of the data with the technique of the funnel plot gives an OR of 1.04.

CONCLUSION: There is no evidence that running is associated with an increased risk for degenerative arthritis of the hip. There is no evidence for a different risk in men and women.

Z Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb. 2004 Mar-Apr;142(2):213-20.

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