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Intervención en la mano en el síndrome paraneoplásico: Informe de un caso.(I)

Pablo De Carli MD, Jorge Boretto MD, , Walter Bourgeois MD and Gerardo Gallucci MD

Hand and Upper Extremity Department, Prof Dr Carlos Ottolenghi Institute, Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cutaneous paraneoplastic syndromes are skin and mucous membrane changes that are associated with cancer. We report a previously healthy 76-year-old man who developed marked finger and thumb contracture, pain, and hypersensitivity of both hands who was diagnosed subsequently as having gastric carcinoma with colonic metastasis. After the gastrointestinal tumors were resected the finger and thumb contracture lessened and the pain eased. Both the temporal relationship between the changes in the hand and the neoplasm and the improvement after resection suggest a paraneoplastic syndrome.

The Journal of Hand Surgery Volume 30, Issue 5 , September 2005, Pages 1087-1090.

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