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Fusión espinal con la instrumentación de Cotrel-Dubousset para la escoliosis…

"Fusión espinal con la instrumentación de Cotrel-Dubousset para la escoliosis neuropática en pacientes con parálisis cerebral."

Teli, Marco G. A. MD *; Cinnella, Pasquale MD +; Vincitorio, Fiammetta MD *; Lovi, Alessio MD *; Grava, Giuseppe MD ++; Brayda-Bruno, Marco MD *


Study Design. Retrospective.

Objective. To report on the treatment of patients with cerebral palsy and neuropathic scoliosis with third-generation instrumented spinal fusion by Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation.

Summary of Background Data. Second-generation instrumented spinal fusion is considered the standard for progressive neuropathic scoliosis in cerebral palsy, despite high complication rates. Evidence is needed to evaluate the increasing use of third-generation instrumented spinal fusion in similar patients.

Methods. Patients with cerebral palsy and spinal deformity treated consecutively by 1 surgeon with Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation and minimum 2-year follow-up were reviewed. An outcome questionnaire was administered at final follow-up.

Results. A total of 60 patients were included. Mean age was 15 years at surgery. Mean follow-up was 79 months. There were 26 anteroposterior and 34 posterior-only procedures. Correction of coronal deformity and pelvic obliquity averaged 60% and 40%, respectively. Major complications affected 13.5% of patients, and included implant loosening, deep infection, and pseudarthrosis. Minor complications affected 10% of patients. Outcome questionnaires showed marked improvements in the areas of satisfaction, function, and quality of life after surgery.

Conclusions. Segmental, third-generation instrumented spinal fusion provides lasting correction of spinal deformity and improved quality of life in patients with cerebral palsy and neuropathic scoliosis, with a lower pseudarthrosis rate compared to reports on second-generation instrumented spinal fusion.

Spine. 31(14):E441-E447, June 15, 2006.

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