Exploración de hueso anormal en adultos con osteopoiquilosis. (Inglés)

An, Young-Sil MD; Yoon, Joon-Kee MD; Lee, Myoung-Hoon MD; Joh, Chul-Woo PhD; Yoon, Seok-Nam MD


Osteopoikilosis is rare, autosomal dominant bone disorder diagnosed by radiologic features. The findings include multiple small, circumscribed round areas of increased bone density distributed symmetrically in a periarticular location. The lesions cluster at the ends of long bones, around the acetabulum, and in the small bones of the hands and feet. Normal Tc-99m MDP uptake in osteopoikilosis on a bone scan may be used as a marker in distinguishing it from osteoblastic bone metastases, but there are a few previous reports of abnormal bone scan findings in osteopoikilosis among young patients. The authors describe a 40-year-old woman with osteopoikilosis characterized by classic radiologic findings and an abnormal bone scan.

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 29(12):856-858, December 2004.

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