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Evaluación funcional de fracturas con minuta severa intraarticular de calcáneo.

"Evaluación funcional de las fracturas con minuta severa intraarticular de calcáneo con el análisis del modo de andar.

Murat Bozkurt, MD 1 * [MEDLINE LOOKUP] B. Behzat Kentel, MSc 2 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Gunes Yavuzer, MD 3 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Ali Öçgüder, MD 4 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Cengiz Heycan, MSc 5 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Ergin Tonuk, PhD 6 [MEDLINE LOOKUP]


Twenty-one patients (23 feet) treated nonsurgically for severely comminuted intraarticular fractures of the calcaneus were evaluated prospectively with a clinical scoring scale and computerized gait analysis. All patients had Sanders type III and type IV fractures. The treatment protocol consisted of no closed reduction, immobilization in removable splint, physiotherapy after edema subsided, and weightbearing after 8 weeks. All patients had a minimum follow-up of 2 years (mean, 38 months). Clinical results were good in 2 patients, fair in 3 patients, and poor in 16 patients. Gait analysis showed that patients were at high risk of gastrocnemius weakness and ankle and knee instability. These results may be useful for comparison with the results of other methods, such as open reduction and internal fixation, nonsurgical closed reduction, and arthrodesis.

The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery. November-December 2004 • Volume 43 • Number 6.

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